Physical Therapist

Leah is a Certified Canine Rehab Practitioner with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Evansville. Leah received her CCRP certification from University of Tennessee, Knoxville. A lifelong animal lover, Leah is trained in canine aquatic and land-based therapy focused on pain relief and restoring function. She strongly believes canines can benefit from rehab just as much as humans and wants to help pet owners learn how to increase their pet’s quality of life. She loves each patient as if they were her own pet when they are in her care. Outside of work, she fosters and rescues animals from a local Evansville shelter and helps care for special needs dogs.

“Thank you so much to the Canine Aquatic Center for allowing Zoe to come and learn to swim at your facility!  We had so much fun.  I think we have finally found something that will wear her out!”

“Had lots of fun at the Canine Aquatic Center today.  Marley sustained an injury to her left rear leg as a puppy and has always had a limp and muscle wasting on that leg.  She got a nice massage and was slowly introduced to the water (which she hates) and ended up relaxing enough to almost go to sleep.  Grimm also came along for the ride and it turns out he’s a natural swimmer.  Go check them out.  The staff is awesome, and the facility is beautiful!  We’ll be going back!”

“Huge shout out to Canine Aquatic Center!  The girls had so much fun!  And Rye can swim.  This is a beautiful facility with an amazing staff and a great purpose!”

“Had top notch experience at the Canine Aquatic Center this afternoon!  The team did an amazing job with both my kiddos.”

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