aquatic therapy and exercise
for your dog


Although water is the oldest rehabilitation modality, few understand the magnitude, variety, and speed of its healing effects. The terms water therapy, aquatic exercise, aquatic therapy, and hydrotherapy are interchangeable in reference to exercise in water.


  • Enhance range of motion

  • Minimize pain

  • Strengthen muscles

  • Assist in weight loss/management

  • Relieve muscle spasms

  • Rehabilitate post-surgery/injury

  • Maintain/improve mobility

  • Promote physical/psychological well-being

  • Reduce weight-bearing stress on painful joints

  • Improve respiratory/cardiovascular endurance

As the benefits of aquatic therapy for dogs continue to increase, we are pleased to be the only facility in the Tri-State to offer a full range of aqua therapy services to benefit our canine friends. Aquatic therapy is being used for recovery from surgery and injury, weight-loss management, cardiac rehabilitation, and chronic pain management. Water provides a controllable environment for dogs that are non-weight bearing or have limited weight-bearing ability. Aqua therapy is an option for dogs that are unable to do land-based exercise due to recent surgery, acute orthopedic or neuromuscular injury, rheumatological disease, or neurological impairment.

Aquatic-based exercise can be less painful and easier for the unfit, overweight, or senior dog because gravitational forces on the body are reduced in the water. Increased tolerance makes it possible to exercise longer and may improve compliance with a regular endurance exercise program.

Aquatic therapy is ideal for performance and trained dogs that need to maintain peak fitness. It is a safe and low-impact form of total body conditioning; in fact, a five-minute swim is equivalent to about a five-mile run.


Jan with her dogJANICE STAMPS, PT, CCAT -

Jan opened the Rehab for Life, LLC outpatient physical and occupational therapy clinic in 2007 and in 2019, built and opened a new Rehab for Life facility and Canine Aquatic Therapy Center in Evansville, IN.  Her belief that animals as well as humans deserve the very best rehab and fitness opportunities led to the creation of this new state-of-the-art indoor aquatic facility.  The programs offered are guided by...

Ashley with her dogASHLEY, PTA, CCAT -

Ashley graduated from the University of Evansville with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science and earned an Associates of Science Degree to become a Physical Therapy Assistant. She grew up in Frankfort, IN (home of the Hot Dogs!) where her love for animals began. She now holds a certification in Canine Aquatic Therapy. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her twin girls, London and Ace. ...

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Laura with her dogLAURA, PTA, CCAT -

Laura has been a licensed physical therapist assistant for twenty three years. She specializes in outpatient, pediatrics, aquatics, and inpatient rehabilitation. Laura received her Aquatic Therapy Certification fifteen years ago from the International Aquatic Therapy Rehab Institute. She is also a certified canine aquatic therapist and a certified therapy dog handler. Laura is happily married and has six...

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Leah is a Certified Canine Rehab Practitioner with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Evansville. Leah received her CCRP certification from University of Tennessee, Knoxville. A lifelong animal lover, Leah is trained in canine aquatic and land-based therapy focused on pain relief and restoring function. She strongly believes canines can ...

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Laura has twenty years of administrative experience. She also has worked ten years in the veterinarian field and five years of marketing for an independent business. Laura is happily married and has three dogs (Bree, Brody and Rooster), a cat (Lily), and a mini pig (Miss Piggy) ...

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“Thank you so much to the Canine Aquatic Center for allowing Zoe to come and learn to swim at your facility!  We had so much fun.  I think we have finally found something that will wear her out!”

“Had lots of fun at the Canine Aquatic Center today.  Marley sustained an injury to her left rear leg as a puppy and has always had a limp and muscle wasting on that leg.  She got a nice massage and was slowly introduced to the water (which she hates) and ended up relaxing enough to almost go to sleep.  Grimm also came along for the ride and it turns out he’s a natural swimmer.  Go check them out.  The staff is awesome, and the facility is beautiful!  We’ll be going back!”

“Huge shout out to Canine Aquatic Center!  The girls had so much fun!  And Rye can swim.  This is a beautiful facility with an amazing staff and a great purpose!”

“Had top notch experience at the Canine Aquatic Center this afternoon!  The team did an amazing job with both my kiddos.”
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