Physical Therapist & Owner/President

Jan opened the Rehab for Life, LLC outpatient physical and occupational therapy clinic in 2007 and in 2019, built and opened a new Rehab for Life facility and Canine Aquatic Therapy Center in Evansville, IN. Her belief that animals as well as humans deserve the very best rehab and fitness opportunities led to the creation of this new state-of-the-art indoor aquatic facility. The programs offered are guided by her philosophy that dogs and people thrive with individualized attention and the need to maximize the interaction and combined performance between dog and owner/handler.

Jan graduated from the University of Michigan physical therapy program in 1981. She received her CCAT training with certification from the Canine Fitness Institute Canautics Canine Aqua Therapy Training Program in Orlando, Florida in May 2017. Jan is a certifying physical therapy instructor for canine aquatic therapy through the Indiana Physical Therapy Licensing Board. She has been a registered professional member of the International Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork/Association of Canine Water Therapy since 2017.

Jan works with pets that are needing to lose weight, are recovering from surgery or injury, have neurologic conditions, joint maladies or arthritis, are showing symptoms of old age, or are requiring strength and endurance training. She and the entire staff will work closely with you and your veterinarian to maximize treatment outcomes and assist in returning your pet to his or her highest rehab potential.

At Canine Aquatic Center, Jan also works with pet owners who are wanting to maximize their pet’s fitness level, needing their pet to learn how to swim for exercise or boat/pool safety, or just want their dog to have fun in the water.

Jan resides in Newburgh, Indiana with her husband and three German shepherds, Eve, Jax, and Bella. She is an avid animal lover, has had dogs and cats as companions throughout her life, and has a passion for working with dogs.

“Thank you so much to the Canine Aquatic Center for allowing Zoe to come and learn to swim at your facility!  We had so much fun.  I think we have finally found something that will wear her out!”

“Had lots of fun at the Canine Aquatic Center today.  Marley sustained an injury to her left rear leg as a puppy and has always had a limp and muscle wasting on that leg.  She got a nice massage and was slowly introduced to the water (which she hates) and ended up relaxing enough to almost go to sleep.  Grimm also came along for the ride and it turns out he’s a natural swimmer.  Go check them out.  The staff is awesome, and the facility is beautiful!  We’ll be going back!”

“Huge shout out to Canine Aquatic Center!  The girls had so much fun!  And Rye can swim.  This is a beautiful facility with an amazing staff and a great purpose!”

“Had top notch experience at the Canine Aquatic Center this afternoon!  The team did an amazing job with both my kiddos.”

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